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Mi Sangean ATS808 :-)



This is a list of some programs useful for DXers and radio enthusiast. I recommend you search for «radio» in, there are a lot of interesting freeware/sharewares on this site useful in our hobby. Yours comments and software suggestions are welcome to .

DXing Support Sowftware:

  • SWLog - Shortwave Log: is a comprehensive logging and radio control program. Allows Reception Report and QSL Management, recording and remote control of receiver in a home network or via Internet.

Radio Databases:

Digital Signal Processing Software (DSP):

Audio Recorders:

CW / RTTY decoders:

  • CWGet 1.0: a Morse decoder software.
  • TrTTY: RadioTeleTYpe decoder software.

Online Radio:

  • RealAudio Player: listen online radio / TV and play media files, specially for Real Media formats.
  • Windows Media Player: listen online radio / TV and play media files, specially for Microsoft's Windows Media formats.


  • SETIATHOME 1.06: screensaver from S.E.T.I., help to monitoring the universe looking for an extraterrestrial radio station. The bigger DX adventure in the history!!! :-)
  • ACROBAT READER: Program to read PDF files, standard format for the interchange and publication of documents in Internet.
  • MIRC 5.6: the most popular chat client, used by some DX Clubs for online meetings.

Last update: May 31, 2007.

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