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In this section you can find some articles about basic topics of radio-listening and the DX hobby: how make a reception report, differences between international broadcasters and domestic stations, etc. I recommend visit www.dxing.com for more information about the hobby. To obtain a free copy of the texts, you can write to Radio Netherlands:

English Department,
Radio Netherland,
P.O. Box 222,
1200 JG Hilversum,
The Netherlands

Pamphlet to download:

  • Writing useful reception reports: Radio Netherland's pamphlet designed to explain how to write a reception report for international broadcasters.
  • Latin America DXing: Radio Netherland's pamphlet about the listening to domestic broadcaster in Latin America.

Recommended books:

  • Shortwave Radio Listening for Beginners by Anita Louise McCormick.
    A long-time shortwave listener and ham radio enthusiast, Anita Louise McCormick, KA8KGI, make easy for beginner's to learn how shortwave radio works, what kind of equipment is available and where to find it, what stations can be heard and when, and how shortwave listening can come in handy at school or work. McCormick also describes how to become a licensed ham radio operator.

  • Shortwave Listening Guidebook: "The Complete Guide to Hearing the World" by Harry L. Helms.
    This new edition of "Shortwave Listening Guidebook" is a ticket to the world in direct, non-technical language and helps in selecting the right shortwave radio, how reception conditions vary throughout the day and year, how to correctly operate the radio, and provides information on frequencies used by stations around the world.
More books about radio-monitoring at:
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